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Away with the FairiesAway with the Fairies

Away with the Fairies

Outside, Winter’s long, dark nights are bringing frost-tipped chills, so far nicer to stay inside and curl up with a book about mystical enchantments, magical creatures and monstrous beasts. And who better to illustrate our story but Arthur Rackham? Here is the bewitching tale of one of our visitors’ favourite paintings: Twilight Dreams.

Posted on: 18 December 2020

Packing in a Pandemic - Moving the museum storePacking in a Pandemic - Moving the museum store

Packing in a Pandemic - Moving the museum store

This time last year, it was with mixed emotion that the curator of the Heritage Collections and I received the news that we would be getting a new Heritage Store. Hooray! - we thought - much improved storage at last, oh but hang on… the thought of moving more than 14,000 objects from our current store to our shiny new store was daunting indeed - and that’s putting it mildly.

Posted on: 11 December 2020

Liverpool and Manchester RailwayLiverpool and Manchester Railway

Liverpool and Manchester Railway

We are going to celebrate Lancashire Day with a look at a world-changing innovation that spans the historic county from one great city to another and is still used today: the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

Posted on: 27 November 2020

Spare a Thought for Samuel Pepys!Spare a Thought for Samuel Pepys!

Spare a Thought for Samuel Pepys!

‘What is the purpose of this strange looking instrument?’ I hear you ask. This is a bladder stone crusher from the Medical Museum Collection, part of the University Heritage Collections. Note the ivory handles and the beautifully crafted mechanism.

Posted on: 13 November 2020

Liverpool by Tony PhillipsLiverpool by Tony Phillips

Liverpool by Tony Phillips

A young girl looks up at one of the famous stone lions outside St George’s Hall in Liverpool. How does she and the lion represent our city’s past and hopes for the future? Let’s look closer at this painting by Liverpool-born artist Tony Phillips and find out more.

Posted on: 30 October 2020

In Celebration of Hagfish Day!In Celebration of Hagfish Day!

In Celebration of Hagfish Day!

Most people agree that one of the most repulsive specimens in our Nightmares in a Bell Jar display is the hagfish – but this doesn’t mean that hagfish don’t deserve our attention and protection. That is the message behind Hagfish day, which is on the third Wednesday of October – every year.

Posted on: 21 October 2020

More than just a Cheeky BumMore than just a Cheeky Bum

More than just a Cheeky Bum

In recent weeks a particular part of one of our sculptures has been getting a lot of attention: its buttocks. They have featured in the Liverpool Echo and on various social media platforms including one called @museumbums (yes, really …). But there is more to ‘The Sluggard’ than its pert behind, so let’s get to the bottom of the story.

Posted on: 16 October 2020

Slavery and SnuffSlavery and Snuff

Slavery and Snuff

Sometimes, as a museum curator, you are responsible for items in the collection that you find distasteful and even upsetting. And yet, they represent a story that needs to be told. Here is a little snuff-box which represents a huge injustice in history: the transatlantic slave trade.

Posted on: 6 October 2020

Bone of ContentionBone of Contention

Bone of Contention

As you enter the Tate museum one of the first parts of the natural history collections that greets you is this incredible skeleton of a python. The museum has a large collection of natural history including full skeletons of mammals from gorillas to tiny mammal skulls, taxidermy teaching models and osteology teaching models (real skeletons prepared and articulated and mounted on wood). The python being the most intricate and impressive in my opinion of the teaching models deserves this week’s blog spotlight. You can look at it for a long time and marvel at the amount of bones a python skeleton has, work out how they function and move but what is incredibly striking is the workmanship in creating such a fascinating model, who made it and why?

Posted on: 18 September 2020


My first blog post

Posted on: 7 January 2019 by A N Other in Blog

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Hello World! This is my first blog post

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