Liverpool Biennial 2023
Saturday 10 June - Sunday 17 September

Location: Galleries 6 & 7, first floor

Artists Antonio Obá, Charmaine Watkiss and Gala Porras-Kim explore ancestral memory and contemporary experience. Their works offer spaces to rest, reflect and listen.

Through these almost spiritual works, the artists invite us to engage with archives and collective memories. They ask us to contemplate the various ways in which our histories, and the wisdom of our ancestors, live on to impact our position within, and understanding of, the world.

Brazilian artist Antonio Obá’s Jardim (2022), meaning Garden in Portuguese, is a large-scale installation consisting of hundreds of brass bells. London-based Charmaine Watkiss’ work forms what she called ‘memory stories’, visual representations of her research into the African Caribbean diaspora mapped onto life-size figures. Colombian-born Gala Porras-Kim, now based in Los Angeles, has created intricate drawings which imagine objects created from ancient vessels, combined to create new forms and functions.

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