Permanent Exhibitions

Please note that the Tate Hall Museum is currently closed but you can view the exhibition content online by clicking the links below.

We have permanent displays on both our first floor gallery areas and also in our second floor museum.



Decorative Arts Gallery 2021

Gallery 1 - First Floor

Since the VG&M opened in 2008, Gallery 1 has mostly been dedicated to displaying parts of the University’s interesting and varied decorative art collection. This 2021 display brings a fresh approach, showing many items that have not previously been seen at the VG&M before.

Gallery 1 Exhibition Information


More than bricks and mortar

Gallery 3 - First Floor

This exhibition explores aspects of the University of Liverpool’s early years, formerly known as University College Liverpool.

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The Audubon Gallery

Gallery 8 - First Floor

John James Audubon (1785-1851) was a nineteenth-century wildlife artist and naturalist. He travelled the American wilderness identifying, studying and drawing hundreds of species of birds and mammals.

Gallery 8 Exhibition Information


From Hand to Handle: The First Industrial Revolution

Museum - Second Floor

'From Hand to Handle'

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Museum - Second Floor

'Fossils and Footsteps'

Fossils and Footsteps Exhibition Information 

National Pipe Archive Exhibition

Museum - Second Floor

'The National Pipe Archive'

The National Pipe Archive Exhibition Information 


Tooth models from the dental collection

Museum - Second Floor

'Nasty Gnashers & Dreadful Dentures'

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Zoology Collection

Museum - Second Floor

Natural History Collection and 'Nightmares in a Bell Jar'

Natural History Exhibition Information

Coral samples from the exhibition 'Under the Sea'

Museum - Second Floor

'Under the Sea'

Oceanography Exhibition Details