Audubon Gallery

Gallery 8

Location: Gallery 8, first floor

John James Audubon (1785-1851) was a wildlife artist and naturalist who travelled America identifying and drawing the native birds and mammals. He is most famous for his illustrated  book, The Birds of America. To raise funds for his book Audubon visited Liverpool in 1826, staying with the Rathbone family and exhibiting at the Liverpool Royal Institution.  As a legacy of his visit the VG&M displays its collection of original paintings and drawings by Audubon in this dedicated gallery.

You can also see the Birds of America book in Liverpool Central Library.


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Find out more about Audubon's stay in Liverpool with the Rathbone family by watching our exhibition video.


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You can zoom in and out of this 360 video by tapping on the + and - icons and you can move the camera around to see how the exhibition looks at the VG&M. Click on the Theta symbol in the bottom left corner to choose how you view this 360 video (straight mode, mirror ball, flay, little planet etc).



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Please note that there are low light levels in this gallery, so it might be dark for some of our visitors.

There is also a video with sound that plays every 5 minutes.