VGM More than bricks

Gallery 3

Location: Gallery 3, first floor

The Victoria Building: More than Bricks and Mortar

This room explores aspects of the University of Liverpool’s early years, formerly known as University College Liverpool. 

The Victoria Building opened in 1892 and was one of the first university buildings. It was purpose built to provide more space for a rapidly expanding university college and was to house the School of Arts as well as providing the first university library and communal areas for both staff and students. 

This exhibition will focus upon the people involved from the beginning of our university’s story including prominent donors, the architect Alfred Waterhouse and will also include a character study of one of the first students, a lady called Elizabeth Beckett.


360 video & exhibition information


You can zoom in and out of this 360 video by tapping on the + and - icons and you can move the camera around to see how the exhibition looks at the VG&M. Click on the Theta symbol in the bottom left corner to choose how you view this 360 video (straight mode, mirror ball, flay, little planet etc).



Take a closer look at objects and artwork on our Gallery 3 further information page to accompany the 360 video tour.


Further Research 

Find out more about Alfred Waterhouse and the Victoria Building in a detailed article written by VG&M Volunteer Martin Strauss


Download the Interactive Tour

The interactive guided tour is permanently stationed in gallery 3. Find out more about the fascinating history and architecture of the Victoria Building.


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Please note that there are low light levels in this gallery, so it might be dark for some of our visitors.
There is an iPad guided tour available to listen to an audio tour and watch short video clips.