Special Exhibitions

We show a range of temporary exhibitions in our gallery spaces. Take a look at what we currently have on display plus some that are coming soon.



The Art of Ruin Display, Landscape, Rosa (follower)

The Art of Ruin

Balcony Wall

A display that depicts Italian landscape paintings which celebrate the ruinous and crumbling. It was a taste that emerged in Rome in the mid-1600s when visiting archaeological sites and collecting ancient artefacts became popular.

The Art of Ruin Exhibition Information

Study of a Head, 1895 - Edward Coley Burne-Jones (1833 - 1898)

A New Beauty

Gallery 2

Romanticism in Art 1880 -1920. A display exploring the evolving ways that physical attractiveness was depicted from the late 1800s.

A New Beauty Exhibition Information



Alpacas by Jacques Laurent Agasse  (c.1840, oil on canvas)

Creature Feature – A Small Display about Large Animals

Gallery 4

A look at different ways that animals have been depicted in art from the VG&M collection.

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Left - one of the Garstang Museum Stores, Right - Beni Hassan JG-B-356 photograph of pottery vessel with rope netting

Secrets of the Stores - Unseen Objects of the Garstang Museum

Gallery 5

This selection of ancient artefacts have never been displayed to the public. Some are beautiful, some are intriguing, and all have thier own story to tell.

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Alicia Lisa Brown: Priest 2, 2017

Jamaica Making: The Theresa Roberts Art Collection

Galleries 6 & 7

19 February - 9 July 2022

An exhibition showcasing the vibrancy and variety of contemporary Jamaican art since the country’s Independence in 1962. 

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