Jamaica Making Artworks

A selection of the vibrant and varied artworks on display as part of the Jamaica Making exhibition in the Victoria Gallery and satellite installation in Liverpool John Moores University's Art & Design Building.

Visit the exhibition to view the full collection of over thirty artworks and appreiciate the detail and narratives of the pieces up close.

Vibrations, 2009

Kai Watson

Vibrations captures a moment of Jamaican national pride: the Beijing Olympics 100m relay with Usain Bolt handing over the baton to Asafa Powell.

Heaven’s Chant, 2017

Sireita Mullings

Heaven's (Zion’s) Chant refers to the Rastafari notion of Heaven. The image features Rastafarian musicians chanting and drumming at Hootananny in Brixton, South London.

The Coffee Pulper, 1989

Alexander Cooper

Cooper depicts the rural scene of a female coffee pulper, using the machine that separates the pulp and skin from the coffee cherry as a method of producing coffee.

After the Storm, Hector River, Portland, Undated

Barrington Watson

This local scene, in north-east Portland parish, is typical of Barrington's landscapes and genre paintings. He was always captivated by the lush vegetation and scenery in Jamaica.

Breadfruit and Ackees, 2005

Judy Ann Macmillan

Since childhood, Macmillan has retained her fascination with the Jamaican landscape and its lush products. From Albert Huie to Macmillan, artists have been captivated by the fruits and vegetation of the island.

Retention of a Colonial Past, 2018

Desanna Watson

This installation uses stitch, appliqué and quilting to replicate the contours of Jamaica’s capital, Kingston, and show how historical periods and power regimes have imposed themselves on the city.

Roselle Waterfall, St. Thomas, c.1975

Albert Huie

In this painting, Huie’s love for the beautiful landscape of Jamaica is clear. Energetic brushwork gives the sense of Huie’s pleasure in painting the lush vegetation, sky, sea and the waterfall.

Untitled, 2009

Kristina Rowe

Rowe deliberately has left the details of the female figure vague. This is in order to represent the frequent sublimation of women’s personalities and identities to their bodies in Jamaica and elsewhere.

Hidden Identity, 2019

O’mar McKay

Hidden Identity is a short film that explores experiences from McKay’s past. It is a self-reflective film that explores the artist’s identity and ability to ‘fit in’.