VG&M Games

VG&M games

Can't get to us in person to play with our museum activity trolley or our popular I-Spy games around the building?

Don't worry - we've got lots of fun games and activites for you to play online, simply select a game from the navigation panel.


I-Spy with my virtual eye

Play our brand new for LightNight I-Spy game. Meet ‘Oriel’, one of the VG&M’s most popular sculptures, as she comes to life to help you explore the Victoria Building, solve clues, spell out a word and complete the game. With our 360 camera, you can move around all areas of the museum and gallery discovering artefacts, artworks and architecture. The first ten correct answers submitted will win a prize. (Exhibitions are from Spring 2021)

I'm an Architect, get me out of here!

A VG&M escape room game. Help architect Alfred Waterhouse find all of the keys that the clocktower goblins have stolen so that he can escape from the VG&M.

VG&M Jigsaws

Piece together artworks from the VG&M collection with lots of different puzzles to try. We've created a few brand new ones specially for LightNight and to celebrate a few of our brand new exhibitions.