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“The children were able to learn so much as well as extending their own knowledge and was one of the most enjoyable museum visits we have been on”

Teacher, Rimrose Primary School



Across our two museums we offer a series of engaging pre-booked workshops led by our team of experienced facilitators and artists.


Photograph of primary school children exploring the VG&M

Creature Features  
Find out about simple classification using our varied collection of animals in this hands-on workshop.
Key Stage 1, VG&M

Animal Adaptations     

Investigate how adaptations help animals survive in this interactive workshop, which includes handling real animal specimens and skulls.
Key Stage 2, VG&M

Open Wide     
Do our teeth have different uses? How do animal teeth differ? Find out through object handling, role play and a visit to our Victorian dentist’s surgery!
Key Stage 2
, VG&M

Secrets in the Soil 
Travel back in time 100 years to join Professor Garstang’s archaeological dig. Become a time detective and uncover hidden artefacts, sort and record finds, write object labels and create an ancient clay letter.
Key Stage 2, VG&M 

Using the Victoria Building’s amazing tiles this session looks at the history of tiles, pattern, shape and symmetry. Students will also decorate their own tile.
Key Stage 2, VG&M

Exploring Life in Ancient Egypt
Become an archaeologist and uncover the artefacts and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. Learn about the people behind the objects and prepare a mummy for the afterlife.
Key Stage 2, Garstang Museum

Wonderful Waterhouse  
Learn about architectural techniques and sketch part of a Gothic building, just like Alfred Waterhouse did in the 1880s. Key Stage 2, VG&M


Tiles, Trends and Terracotta
Discover the Victoria Building’s different architectural styles through exploration, discussion and observational drawing, then design and make a tile of your own.
Key Stage 3, VG&M

Artist-led workshops   
Practical tailor-made gallery sessions led by experienced contemporary artists.
All Key Stages 



Charges will be introduced in September 2019

£50 per workshop / £90 per artist-led workshop

90 minutes / 120 minutes for artist-led workshop

Tuesday – Friday during term time
Class size: 32 (maximum) per workshop

To book:
Telephone: 0151 795 7193