Mindful in the Museum – a wellbeing trail for children (accessible version)

Being in the Moment

We can be mindful by using our senses to notice the world around us. We spend a lot of our time thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Using our senses brings our focus into the present moment and this can give our minds and bodies a rest from any worries or big feelings we may be having.

In this trail you’ll find some questions and prompts to help you use your senses.  Have Fun!


Hallways and Stairs

Touch the bannister tiles as you walk up the stairs – notice how they feel.

Is the surface smooth, uneven or flat?

Does it feel cool or warm?

Look Around

How many natural elements can you spy in the designs?




Where can you see patterns in the design?

Top Tip

Don’t forget to look up. Some of the most interesting bits of buildings are often above us.



Find the peacock in the fireplace.
What other animals can you notice.
What sorts of sounds can you hear in each room?
Sometimes closing our eyes helps us focus on sounds better.

Hug a column!

What do the columns in gallery 1 feel like?
What do the shapes remind you of?
Are all the columns the same?
How are the colours and shapes different at the top and at the bottom?

Top tip

The more you look, the more you will see.


Be an Art Detective

Pick a painting!
What’s the first thing your eye is drawn to in the painting?
How would you describe the colours?
Which one stands out the most?
What shapes can you see?
Where is the brightest part of the artwork?

Notice the different colours and tones.
Pay attention to shapes and textures.

Take your time. Mindfulness is about slowing down and paying attention.


Being Mindful at home

Nest time you’re doing something ordinary, try focusing on one of your sense whilst doing it.

Did you know? An important part of mindfulness is self-kindness.
This means treating yourself with the same kindness you’d treat a best friend.
Be kind to yourself when you’re practising mindfulness.
Learning something new can be a challenge. Go easy on yourself and keep trying.


Nature is good for us

Be inspired by the natural forms in the gallery’s spaces. Spend time being mindful in green spaces where you live.

Go on a colour walk.

How many different colours can you spy on your walk?

Notice the sounds around you.

Lie on the grass and notice the clouds. Do they have a shape?

What can you feel on your skin? (sunlight, rain, wind?)

Can you feel your feet making contact with the ground as you walk?