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Bernard Meninsky: From Ukraine to LiverpoolBernard Meninsky: Cookham Dean, Berkshire c.1930 (oil on canvas). Collection of the Victoria Gallery & Museum

Bernard Meninsky: From Ukraine to Liverpool

Our thoughts are with Ukraine as we enter into Eurovision celebrations in Liverpool. So here is the poignant story of Ukrainian-born Bernard Meninsky whose life as an artist began in this city.

Posted on: 9 May 2023

The Hidden Story of Anna AshtonAnna Ashton, later Mrs Thomas Case, c.1769 by Joseph Wright of Derby. (oil on canvas) VG&M Collection

The Hidden Story of Anna Ashton

Anna Ashton was from a wealthy Liverpool family of the 1760s but poses here as a shepherdess complete with lamb. There is nothing obvious that links this rather charming portrait to the Transatlantic slave trade, but that is the hidden story.

Posted on: 19 August 2022

Richard Ansdell: Painter of Fur, Feathers and Woolliness Richard Ansdell: The Anxious Mother (detail), Collection of the Victoria Gallery & Museum.

Richard Ansdell: Painter of Fur, Feathers and Woolliness

Liverpool-born artist Richard Ansdell rose to the top of his profession on the strength of his ability to paint animals, but one creature was his absolute favourite: sheep.

Posted on: 15 April 2022

The Black Girl’s SilhouetteThe Black Girl’s Silhouette Portrait

The Black Girl’s Silhouette

In 1770s Ormskirk, a young Black woman sat still while a visitor cut paper in the shape of her profile. We have been left with her likeness, a note about her character but not her name or life story, so our research about her is ongoing. Here’s what we know so far …

Posted on: 29 October 2021

Liverpool by Tony PhillipsA young girl with brown skin and dark brown shoulder-length curly hair looks up at a stone sculpture of a lion lying on a plinth with its head raised and its paws near the girl’s head. The girl wears a jacket of pale greeny-yellow with white sleeves.  Behind them are buildings jumbled upwards.  This is a detail of the picture below.

Liverpool by Tony Phillips

A young girl looks up at one of the famous stone lions outside St George’s Hall in Liverpool. How does she and the lion represent our city’s past and hopes for the future? Let’s look closer at this painting by Liverpool-born artist Tony Phillips and find out more.

Posted on: 30 October 2020

Metropolitan Cathedral Precinct, 1952 by Allan P. Tankard (1897 – 1964)A view looking west from the Victoria building roof

Metropolitan Cathedral Precinct, 1952 by Allan P. Tankard (1897 – 1964)

Amanda Draper, Curator of Art & Exhibitions writes... We’ve been surprised by the popularity of a small display of local watercolours in our tiny Gallery 4. All the paintings are by Allan P. Tankard and show the University of Liverpool campus in the post-war years. This evocative glimpse into the relatively recent past of our neighbourhood has really resonated with visitors. From the exhibition I’ve chosen to show you this vista of a big empty space where the Metropolitan Cathedral now stands.

Posted on: 15 May 2020