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“Unclouded Skies of Brilliant Azure”: The work of Caroline Emily Gray Hill“Landscape with a Lake Surrounded by Mountains at Sunset” Caroline Emily Gray Hill Oil on Canvas. VG&M Collection

“Unclouded Skies of Brilliant Azure”: The work of Caroline Emily Gray Hill

Pictured above is the artwork that captured my imagination and led me to write this article and find out the story of the artist. It’s subtle and economic brush marks placed against the vivid colours and simple composition produces a wonderful effect. The capturing of a moment, without over or underworking the image is what I find inherently enthralling. Being a Victorian woman, her story is also a fascinating look into women’s rights of the era.

Posted on: 8 March 2022

Away with the FairiesTwo adult fairies are shown from the waist up plus two boy fairies follow. They fly towards the left.

Away with the Fairies

Outside, Winter’s long, dark nights are bringing frost-tipped chills, so far nicer to stay inside and curl up with a book about mystical enchantments, magical creatures and monstrous beasts. And who better to illustrate our story but Arthur Rackham? Here is the bewitching tale of one of our visitors’ favourite paintings: Twilight Dreams.

Posted on: 18 December 2020