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The Hidden Story of Anna AshtonAnna Ashton, later Mrs Thomas Case, c.1769 by Joseph Wright of Derby. (oil on canvas) VG&M Collection

The Hidden Story of Anna Ashton

Anna Ashton was from a wealthy Liverpool family of the 1760s but poses here as a shepherdess complete with lamb. There is nothing obvious that links this rather charming portrait to the Transatlantic slave trade, but that is the hidden story.

Posted on: 19 August 2022

Hero to ZeroFront and back view of a commemorative cream glaze, earthenware jug with black transfer print of a Colonel Tarleton in naval unifom on one side and a female on the other watching a ship leave port.

Hero to Zero

Dr Amanda Draper, Curator of Art & Exhibitions writes … If working in a museum has taught me anything, it’s that history has different narratives which can change over time and one object can tell many stories. And so it is with this jug. It was created to celebrate military campaigns led by Colonel Banastre Tarleton, considered a hero in the 1780s. But time has reviewed Colonel Tarleton, his military career, his views on slavery and even his love life, and today he is perceived very differently. Let’s see how the jug tells these tales.

Posted on: 31 July 2020