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Most Lustrous: the ceramics of Julia Carter PrestonSgraffito and lustre glaze bowl by Julia Carter Preston, 2001. VG&M collection. By kind permission of the Liverpool Hope Carter Preston Foundation.

Most Lustrous: the ceramics of Julia Carter Preston

At the VG&M we have two objects on display that everybody admires. One is a large bowl and the other a jar topped with a golden fish. They are by the acclaimed Liverpool ceramics artist, Julia Carter Preston, and are gleaming and gorgeous. Let’s find out more about the artist and the historic background to her style and technique.

Posted on: 13 January 2023

Hannah Barlow: Decorating with AnimalsDetail of lion vase (left) and (right) photo of Hannah Barlow c.1877 (Creative Commons licence)

Hannah Barlow: Decorating with Animals

One of the most magnificent artworks in our collection is a large vase decorated with a frieze of lions all the way round it. They were drawn freehand by a remarkable artist who overcame physical and financial adversity to rise to the top of her profession: Hannah Barlow.

Posted on: 24 December 2021