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Mermaid, 1933 By Herbert Tyson Smith (1883 – 1972) Bronze mermaid sculpture preening herself looking in a mirror about 25 cm's high by Herbert Tyson Smith (1883 - 1972)

Mermaid, 1933 By Herbert Tyson Smith (1883 – 1972)

This aquatic beauty is one of my favourite items in the VG&M collection and would look lovely preening herself on my mantlepiece at home. The sculptor, Herbert Tyson Smith, patinated the bronze very cleverly so her burnished figure seems to emerge from a verdigris sea foam. Mermaid’s back arches and with her tail forms an arabesque as she gazes at herself in a mirror whilst combing her hair. Her striking art deco styling is typical of Tyson Smith’s later work although he is better known for his architectural sculpture adorning buildings around the North West region.

Posted on: 12 June 2020