Volunteer Makers

Our Volunteer Makers website enables you to become involved in a variety of volunteering opportunities at the VG&M. You can record all your volunteering hours in one place and see at a glance which challenges you have completed over time.

Sign up and create an account by clicking ‘Join Now’.  

Once you have created your account, you can start signing up to our volunteering challenges such as:

  • Just a Minute’ challenges – Do you only have a few minutes to spare? Simply follow our social media pages – we’re on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Give us a ‘like’ or retweet our posts!

  • ‘Hour Or Two’ challenges – If you can spare an hour or more then you could help us by writing a TripAdvisor review for the VGM, Waterhouse Café and Garstang Museum (see our digital challenges below).

  • ‘Regular Help’ challenges – become a learning volunteer for family or school groups or a VG&M Tour Guide and assist us on a more regular basis.

All of our volunteering opportunities will be regularly updated and available on the Volunteer Makers website.

Digital Volunteering - volunteer from home!

If you can't get to us in person but you'd still like to volunteer with us, there's lots of ways you can help from the comfort of your own home because we also offer digital volunteering opportunities:

My Vintage Victoria Building
Precious to me (Curate your own collection from home and tell us about why it is precious to you).
I-Spy Game tester (test a VG&M game for us online).
My Favourite Artwork (Tell us about your favourite artwork by accessing online content).
I’m an Architect Get me our of Here Game tester (test a VG&M game for us online).
Write a Review for the VG&M (write a review for us on TripAdvisor).

When you have completed a challenge, mark it as complete on your Volunteer Makers account!

Logging your time on Volunteer Makers

If you volunteer with us on a regular basis, don't forget to log your time on Volunteer Makers
. This ensures that all of your hours are logged and accounted for!

Here's how to do it:

  • Login to your Volunteer Makers account.
  • Click on the tab called ‘Accepted Challenges.’ and you will see the list of challenges you have signed up to.
  • You can add a new entry by selecting the date you volunteered and how much time you volunteered for (eg. Typing ‘0.5’ for half an hour ‘1’ for an hour etc)
  • Click ‘submit’ and that time is now logged on Volunteer Maker.

Download the guide to Volunteer Maker - Logging your time [pdf].