Successful cathedral collaboration!

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"What a wonderful idea” 

“We have never visited the cathedral before – the activities are great for the children and we have been made so welcome”.

Just some of the comments received from families attending the 3 day collaborative project arranged by Kirsty Hall and Sarah O’Donoghue, Education Officers at the Victoria Gallery & Museum (VG&M) and Liverpool Cathedral respectively.

“We felt there was potential in a partnership and are so pleased that we were able to make it happen this February half term” said Sarah. Kirsty adds, “the saying ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ definitely applies here! By working together we were able to tap into existing Cathedral and VG&M audiences as well as attracting new families.”

The numbers each day greatly exceeded expectation, with more than 500 people attending over 3 days. A different activity was offered each day but all were themed around animals, with Kirsty adapting current VG&M activities to reflect the animals featured in the cathedral. Kirsty and Sarah led the activities with tremendous support from VG&M and cathedral volunteers. Cathedral Dean the Very Rev Dr Pete Wilcox and Matthew Clough, VG&M Director are both thrilled with the partnership’s success.

The VG&M is now actively exploring ways of continuing this partnership in the future.