Five must-see LightNight events on campus

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LightNight Liverpool, the city's popular one-night arts festival, is back on Friday 17 May for its tenth year. There are over 100 free events for people of all ages and interests taking place at over 50 locations, including a host of exciting activities at the University's Victoria Gallery & Museum and Garstang Museum of Archaeology.

Here's the full programme of what's on offer across campus for the biggest cultural evening of the Liverpool calendar.

Hibridos, The Spirits of Brazil

A multi-screen installation by international artist duo Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon. Based on four years of research, the film presents an expansive audiovisual journey into the spiritual and cultural rituals of Brazil. Exploring the boundaries of cinema, the work aims to blur the divide between viewer and subject; taking audiences on an ethnographic exploration of diverse sacred ceremonies progressing through a sensorial realm of movements, dance and music.

5pm-10pm, Victoria Gallery & Museum

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Cave Rave

Immerse yourself in the mysterious ritual culture of Stone Age people. Lanterns will light the way into an atmospheric ‘cave’ dwelling where you will be invited to join the tribe and be led through an initiation ritual by a shaman. Make your own cave art using the oldest known natural pigment in the world, ochre. Take part in a dance performance led by costumed interpreters and hear music played on instruments made from animal bones constructed using traditional methods.

5.30pm, 6.30pm & 7.30pm, Victoria Gallery & Museum

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Before Egypt Curator Tours

'Before Egypt' is a major new exhibition featuring the internationally important collections of Predynastic Egyptian and Nubian artefacts from the University's  Garstang Museum of Archaeology, supplemented by loans of key objects from UK museums. This exhibition focuses on the physical and ritual worlds of early Egyptians. The tour will focus on key objects linked to early Egyptian rituals such as the ‘egg pot’, only found in ritual contexts.

7pm, 8pm & 9pm, Victoria Gallery & Museum

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Ritual and Identity: Ancient and Modern

Join the Garstang Museum of Archaeology to explore identity and ritual in the ancient and modern world. Enjoy the collection of archaeological material from ancient Egypt, Turkey, Greece and elsewhere, learn about ancient Egyptian rituals from expert Egyptologist Dr Roland Enmarch and participate in an authentic ancient Egyptian offering ritual to provide eternal sustenance for the Garstang Mummy.

5-10pm, Garstang Museum of Archaeology

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Brews and Brows

Discover how eyebrows relate to identity, and how eyes have been used in imagery from the ancient world to the modern day. Eyebrows are a constant in the press and online, with many different opinions about whose work and whose don’t. Talk about the choices you make when you pluck, sculpt, and position your eyebrows and challenge the current negative press around the (Scouse)brow.

5-10pm, Garstang Museum of Archaeology

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Antimicrobial Avengers

Did you know that a shark’s skin can prevent bacteria from sticking to it? Or that the blood of a Komodo dragon is a natural antimicrobial compound? Researchers from University's Arts-Lab will be exploring antimicrobial resistance through comics and superheroes as part of Antimicrobial Avengers, which is being hosted at Liverpool John Moores University.

5-10pm, LJMU John Lennon Building

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LightNight takes place during  Open House 2019 – ten days of free talks, performances, exhibitions and interactive experiences at the University of Liverpool from 13 – 22 May 2019.