Location: Tate Hall Museum, second floor

On the 350th anniversary of the publication of 'Micrographia', this is an exhibition that introduces the legacy of its author Robert Hooke.

Robert Hooke was a contemporary of both Isaac Newton and Christopher Wren and his work influenced them both. It is possibly due to his very public falling out with Newton and the fact that he died first that Robert hooke is not as well known, this exhibition will explore his achievements and his legacy.

In 1665 Hooke published Micrographia, the world's first book of microscopy and it was the first major publication of the Royal Society and became the first scientific best seller. A first edition of Micrographia held in the University of Liverpool Library’s Special Collections & Archives will be on display in the museum as part of this exhibition.

Aside from his Micrographia publication, Hooke also made many important contributions to Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Palaeontology, Chemistry, Architecture and Map Making to name but a few!

This exhibition displays a collection of artefacts collected from various University of Liverpool departments including Special Collections & ArchivesZoologyEntomology and the University of Liverpool Heritage Collections. There are also objects on loan from National Museums Liverpool and Liverpool Medical Institution.