Building the Civic
7 April- 16 December 2017

Location: Gallery 2, first floor

LOOK/17, Liverpool's International Photography Festival returns this spring, in its tenth year, exploring Cities of Exchange.

Twinning Liverpool and Hong Kong, with artists from both countries responding to their city of exchange, examining various themes including urbanism, social housing, architecture, commerce and colonialism.

LOOK/17 invites artists to consider that perspective in a new city, to see what the shared experience and connections are from place to place.

The city belongs to its citizens, who constantly create activities and memories to expand and redefine their civic existence. This exhibition features a range of photographers from different generations and backgrounds. From the by-gone old days, to recent political social activity, as well as the individual residents - collectively they are telling an amusing story of the city.

Yau Leung used photography to record the essence of Hong Kong from the 60s to the 90s, as it evolved into a global hub of exchange. Lau Chi Chung creates stories from the daily lives of unrelated ordinary people in the format of a family album. By juxtaposing old photographs of anonymous residents with new photos taken by the artist in abandoned sites in Hong Kong, his work engages the past through fictional re-presentation. South Ho’s ‘The Umbrella Salad' is a series of photographs capturing scenes of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, 2014. Unlike other photo documentation, he used an indirect method filled with symbols and metaphors to represent his personal experiences and the forces involved in the movement.

This project is supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

'Building the Civic'