Book of the Dead: Passport through the Underworld
21 October 2017- 15 September 2018

Location: Gallery 5, first floor

Take a journey through the Egyptian underworld and discover whether you have earned eternal life.

The Book of the Dead: Passport through the Underworld show promises an otherworldly experience to visitors, as they are invited to shed 21st century pre-occupations and engage fully with Ancient Egyptian visions of the afterlife.

Featuring never before displayed objects, including magical amulets, coffins and papyri, the exhibition opens with a practical guide to navigating the ancient Egyptian underworld and the tools needed to find a way through the night, and into eternity.

The Book of the Dead is a collection of funerary texts compiled by the ancient Egyptians. The spells found inside allow a dead person’s soul to pass through the dangers and trials of the Underworld, and to reach the fields of the blessed dead. It was in use c. 1400 BC – c. 100 BC.