North End Writers

North End Writers promotes creative writing and its many benefits.

As a registered charity the group seeks to promote, maintain, improve and advance education by the encouragement of the literary arts and creative writing in all its forms, particularly amongst people resident in North Liverpool.

Their monthly meetings are held on second Saturdays at the Victoria Gallery & Museum.

The dates for 2018 are as follows:

Meetings are 11am – 1pm
Facilitator: Flora Small

  • 8 December

The dates for 2019 will be:


  • 12 January
  • 9 February
  • 9 March
  • 13 April
  • 11 May
  • 8 June
  • 13 July
  • 10 August
  • 14 Sept
  • 12 October
  • 9 November
  • 14 December













All aspiring writers with a Liverpool connection are welcome to join as long as you share a passion for writing and an ethos of social inclusion. Membership is free!

For further information or to join the North End Writers mailing list email - 

Visit their website for more information.