The Dark Room for Kids

13 October 2018

Location: Leggate Theatre, 2nd floor

 You and your family awake to find yourself in a Dark Room! How will you escape?!

Will you: A) Find Light Switch? B) Cry? C) Explode?


With over 4 million hits on YouTube and winner of the Leicester Comedy Festival's Best Kids Show 2018, this is the world's only live-action video game.  

Part stand-up comedy show, part theatre; all interactive and insane, this award-winning, genre-defining mixture of improv comedy and retro gaming all combines to become a deranged rock 'n’ roll game show – suitable for ages 11 and up*.

If the kids win, there are REAL(ly terrible) PRIZES! If they lose, The Dark Room keeps whichever of their parents they like the least. This interactive, immersive, non-patronizing, gaming-come-comedy show is bonkers fun for all the family, and a first-time performance for this show in Liverpool.
The Victoria Gallery & Museum is proud to host this award-winning children's show at a special reduced price of just £5 per ticket for all attendees (RRP £10)   

Can YOU escape The Dark Room? Grab a ticket and find out!

Tickets £5, booking required.


 'Not to be missed!' - The Guardian